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Aiming High

Operating in a constantly changing and demanding environment, such as that of the construction sector, ELEMKA is constantly evolving.

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lorem ipsum dolor sit Building a better future for all

Building a better future for all

ELEMKA is committed towards the construction of buildings which are not only impressive but also energy efficient, healthy for their occupants and environmentally friendly.

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lorem ipsum dolor sit Undertaking the full scope of construction projects

Undertaking the full scope of construction projects

ELEMKA is active in a wide range of civil engineering projects, providing state-of-the-art design, construction and monitoring services.

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lorem ipsum dolor sit Expertise with international standards

Expertise with international standards

With vast experience, know-how and continuous focus on high technology products and applications, ELEMKA is a consistent and reliable partner for project management and execution according to the stringent international standards.

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Energy Sector Projects

Certified Buildings

Renewable Energy Projects

Special Steel Structures

Inspection & Maintenance

About Us

ELEMKA was established by engineers with long-standing activity and experience in construction and project management

Aiming to meet the requirements of complex construction applications and to provide know-how on specialised tasks requiring accuracy, quality and consistency.

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Our company undertakes complex and demanding construction projects

Main activities include certified buildings, wind parks, civil engineering works, constructions inspection and maintenance, special applications for bridges and roads, etc.


ELEMKA supplies advanced technology materials for bridge & road construction

Providing full technical support for the products it offers, ELEMKA also undertakes the detailed design for their application, as well as the supervision of their installation.

Selected Projects

Impressive track-record of successfully delivered projects in the construction sector

Selected reference projects, including Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) for infrastructure, energy, buildings and steel structure projects, among others.

Corporate Brochure

Find out more about our profile and know-how in the construction industry

Browse our activities and services at a glance in our corporate brochure.

Energy Sector Projects

Significant experience in the field of civil works construction for the energy sector

Several power plant projects have been completed around the world and others are currently under construction in Europe and Africa

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Certified Buildings

Commitment to the construction of contemporary and impressive buildings with international standards

Experts in the construction of ultra-modern buildings that are energy efficient, healthy for their occupants and friendly towards the environment.

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Renewable Energy Projects

ELEMKA has significant experience in the field of renewable energy

The company undertakes all the infrastructure works of the Wind Parks, including the earthworks and the concrete works from the initial stage of the project. The Parks are delivered ready for the installation of the wind turbine pylons.

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International Presence

ELEMKA around the world

Operating in more than 12 countries, across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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Responsibility towards the society and the environment

The company's vision remains oriented towards sustainable development

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