Company Profile

ELEMKA was established in 1990 by engineers with long-standing activity and experience in construction and project management, in order to  provide know-how on specialized tasks, requiring accuracy, quality and consistency. The vision of these engineers was to implement in Greece technologies/applications that would contribute to the advancement of the construction industry.


ELEMKA ’s main activities in Greece and abroad are the following:

  • Construction and management of civil works, including projects in the energy sector, special steel structures, bridge construction applications, road construction and buildings.
  • Supply of advanced technology materials for bridge and road construction, including the design, construction and supervision works of their application.
  • Inspection and maintenance of structures that require high level know-how, such as special relocations and lifting of structures.

All of the company’s activities comply with the strictest and highest standards in quality, health and safety  of its personnel and environment’s protection.

Vision & Values

Inspired and motivated by our Greek heritage, we lead our business to global success.

To operate in challenging local and international markets, showing resourcefulness, efficiency and respect for the environment and for society.

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